Sunday, February 01, 2015


Hello darlings, before I start I would like to thank everyone that took the time to comment on my last post, I was touched by every one of your lovely emails and private messages on my Facebook.  Thank you so much! 
This last week has been a little hard with a trip to the emergency room because of dehydration.  I started again with extreme nausea and vomiting, my blood pressure was really low to the point that I almost fainted and last but not least I started having really bad cramping in my stomach. Thanks to my wonderful husband and the help of my mom that is taking care of Sofia and bringing me some of my favorite homemade dishes, it made these days much easier. Today, I feel much better and hope that it stays that way cause it was pretty scary. I really need to get better for me and for my baby's health. 
 I had to cancel my pregnancy photo shoot,  so hopefully soon I will be able to reschedule.  
Today, I wanted to bring you a different post, as some of you may already know, I love decorating my home and get inspiration from different blogs and websites. One of my favorite blogs to look for inspiration is, they always have the best ideas for nurseries and kids rooms. 
Time is flying, I am entering my 32nd week tomorrow and I feel like I am about to pop with my huge belly but I need to get a few things done before my baby gets here. I am pretty much all set with the main things, but I am still not done decorating his nursery. The closet is done, but I still got a few details to do in his room
My favorite part of decorating my home was when I started putting together my daughter's room and her closet. My husband did help me a lot with assembling everything, I have to give him credit for that. I love her room and closet, it's really comfy, super functional, easy to keep organized and cleaned and that's what I am looking to do also for our baby's room. 
I believe when your home is well organized it's so much easier to keep it nice and tidy at all times specially when you have kids. My 3 and half year old knows where everything in her room goes and is awesome at keeping it tidy when she's done playing.  I am a lucky mom, but I believe kids do what they see. 
Hope this post gave some of you moms out there some great inspiration for your baby's nursery. It sure did help me get inspired! 
Thank you

Tomorrow is my Birthday and I am turning 25 LOL!  J/K!!!
Take care everyone! 

Monday, January 26, 2015


31 weeks today!!!
Why is that most people feel the need to comment on how you look when you are pregnant? I remember the comments when I was pregnant with my first, but this time it seems to be happening all the time and trust me they are not all nice. Apparently the sight of a pregnant woman causes some people to lose their good manners. Seriously, why people feel it’s their place to comment on your body ever, let alone when you’re pregnant is beyond me. 
People should just realize that most pregnant women are extra sensitive about their appearance and should just be a little more compassionate.
It's just pure cruel, rude and so mean to call a pregnant woman fat, huge or even doubt when you say you are caring only one baby! 
Like seriously, I cannot believe the audacity of some people.  I mean, let's face it, I know I've putting on some weight, I can feel it and see it, trust me I own a mirror and a scale, but what am I supposed to do? I have a human being growing inside my body.  I’m an active mom and I eat as healthy as I can. What do they expect me to do? Go for a run? Lift some weights? Go to the gym everyday?  

Here are just a few things you should never ever say or do to a pregnant woman! 
Are you sure it's not twins?
Wow! You're HUGE! When are you due? 
Oh no way you are going to make it until your due date.
It's going to be really difficult to get your body back. 
Have you thought about how you're going to lose that baby weight?
You are going for a natural birth right?
Are you planning on breastfeeding?
You'll never sleep again!
Eat! You're eating for two now!
Do you have any stretch marks? Can I see? 
Oh my gosh you're pregnant? Was it planned or an accident? No more kids after this one right? You're not getting any younger!
Touch a pregnant woman's tummy without asking.
Give lots of unsolicited advice.

I'm pretty outgoing and most of the time I can laugh it off, but it's not always easy. 
Have a great week everyone! I will be back soon! 

Friday, January 16, 2015


Hi loves, 
Hope you all had a fantastic week, on today's post I would like to share a few photos of my work as a Background Performer.  A few of you asked me what I do for a living. Well beside being a housewife and a mommy, I  am also a Background Performer, basically I am a extra on movies and TV shows, nothing fancy, but I do enjoy every minute of it! These are just a few photos taken onset of various TV shows and movies I had the privilege to work on.  I love doing what I do, everyday onset is different, every production is different, plus you get to meet and work with awesome people. 
I studied tourism and worked for a commercial airline for almost 10 years " gosh that makes me look old" Lol, but when I recently lived in Portugal for 2 years I had the opportunity to do some TV work for a few Portuguese TV shows and that is when I discovered a new passion. When I returned to Canada I managed to continue to do what I love.  Some of the TV shows I had the opportunity to work on are Saving Hope, Nikita, Rookie Blue,  Agatha, The Listener, Lost Girl,  Horizon, The Divide, Hemlock Grove, Sensitive Skin, Love is Dead, Orphan Black, Falling Skies, Hannibal, Warehouse 13, Covert Affairs, Suits, Breakaway, Best Laid Plans, Breakout Kings, Being Erica, Unnatural History, Nothing Personal, Miracles, Beauty and the Beast and much more including a few movies, Bomb Girls, Jesus Henry Christ, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventures and many more but unfortunately for legal reasons there are some projects I've worked on recently including some American movies but since it's not out yet I am not allowed to talk about it too much for now. 
Hope you enjoyed this post.

Take care everyone and have an awesome weekend!

Friday, January 09, 2015


 Hello my loves,
Here is how my backyard and front porch looks like today. It's -8, but with the wind chill is
-18. How is the weather in your area?
Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Hello my loves, 
Saturday Disco Fever, a bright beautiful orange, part of Essie's Summer 2013 Neon Collection. It retails for $8-9 per bottle. The formula on this one is pretty good, it wasn't streaky at all, I used 2 coats and then used 201 clear top coat by Calvin Klein. Without the clear top coat, it gave me a matte result.  The clear top gave the color more shine, just the way I like it. The application was pretty easy and didn't take too long to dry. 
I used to love this brand and I have to admit I still have some Essie nail polishes left in my collection, but after finding out almost 2 years ago that it's not a cruelty free brand, I simply stopped purchasing from them.
It's a shame that great brands like these still didn't opt for cruelty free. 
 Like I said, it's a beautiful color specially if you are wearing dark colored clothes or even better in the summer, but if you ask me if I recommend this brand, no, I don't, not until they stop testing on animals!!! If you wonder what nail polish brands don't test on animals please view this post I did a while ago. 
I will soon be making more cruelty free posts, so stay tuned. 
Sorry for the honest opinion, but I really wanted you to know!
Remember beauty is only beautiful when you are not hurting anyone!

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Thank you so much for this beautiful dress!
I am loving Sofia's new Calvin Klein outfit and her pink boots from Baby Gap.
Delicious dinner at my sister in law!!!
I don't think I need to tell you that my favorite part of the dinner was all the delicious desserts, most of them made by my mom, my sister in law and me.
I made this one! I should share the recipe with all of you. What do you think?
Sofia was a very lucky girl, she got so many great books, a few toys and tons of new outfits. Here are just a few our favorites.
 A new tablet for Sofia, we also added great educational activities and games.
I am having so much fun shopping for my baby boy. These are just a few gifts we got for our little prince.
Thanks to my husband, I got two beautiful bracelets from one of my favorite jewelry stores and beacause I was such a good girl I also got another Michael Kors bag.  I am loving this one, perfect everyday bag, very practical.
Hi my loves! 
First, I would like to thank for the beautiful blue dress they sent me. I hope that everyone's Christmas was blessed and wonderful! We had a really great time with our family, the 24th we always like to celebrate in our home and the 25th we went to my sister in law, we couldn't ask for a better Christmas! The New Year is about to start, tonight we are just going to have a quiet dinner at our place, movies, popcorn and delicious treats. For the 1st of January my mom will host a little party in her home with my husband's side of the family.
Would like to wish all my beautiful followers, family and friends a very Happy New Year, all the best.
I don't know what made you follow me, but thank you so much for doing it. :)

 See you all in 2015!
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